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Describing the members of CCM powerhouse Casting Crowns as “heroes of faith” feels like an understatement. The band has produced mega-hits like “Praise You In This Storm,” “East to West,” “Who Am I,” and “Just Be Held,” broken sales records, sold out arenas, won prestigious awards and traveled the world singing songs of redemption.

Posted: Saturday Mar 28, 2020

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Stained Glass Masquerade (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (13 days ago) The performance is convincing. And we know every line by heart. Only when no one is watching. Can we really fall apart . But would it set me free. If I dared to let you see

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Great Are You Lord (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (3 days ago) Great Are You Lord (Lyrics) You give life, You are love. You bring light to the darkness. You give hope, You restore. Every heart that is broken . Great are You, Lord . It’s Your breath in our lungs. So we pour out our praise. We pour out our praise. It’s Your breath in our lungs.

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Voice Of Truth (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (2 days ago) Voice Of Truth (Lyrics) Oh what I would do to have. The kind of faith it takes to climb out of this boat I’m in. Onto the crashing waves. To step out of my comfort zone. To the realm of the unknown where Jesus is. And He’s holding out his hand .

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City On A Hill (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (9 days ago) City On A Hill (Lyrics) Did you hear of the city on the hill. Said one old man to the other. It once shined bright, and it would be shining still. But they all started turning on each other . You see the poets thought the dancers were shallow. And the soldiers thought the poets were weak.

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Spirit Wind (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (15 days ago) Spirit Wind (Lyrics) Ezekiel stared down into the valley. Filled with dry bones baking in the sun. Remains that used to be a mighty army. To him, it looked like their fighting days were done . But driven by a calling on his life. He spoke God’s words, the bones began to shake.

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The Well (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (4 days ago) The Well (Lyrics) Leave it all behind, Leave it all behind, Leave it all behind, Leave it all behind, I have what you need, But you keep on searchin, I’ve done all the work, But you keep on workin, When you’re runnin on empty, And you can’t find the remedy, Just come to the well.

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Called Me Higher (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (13 days ago) Called Me Higher (Lyrics) I could just sit. I could just sit and wait for all Your goodness. Hope to feel Your presence. And I could just stay. I could just stay right where I am and hope to feel You. Hope to feel something again . And I could hold on. I could hold on to who I am and never let You.

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Hallelujah (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (14 days ago) Hallelujah (Lyrics) Hallelujah. Hallelujah . On the morning of creation Father, Son and the Spirit rise. As they set the world in motion The morning of the first sunrise. A symphony of golden sunlight Dancing in the Father’s eyes. He gazes at His masterpiece As all creation cries .

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Loving My Jesus (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (15 days ago) Loving My Jesus (Lyrics) I was a wandering soul. Traveling a well worn road. A sinner so far from home. No second chance in sight. I heard You call my name. I felt You lift my shame. And I made a vow that day. That I’d spend the rest of my life . Loving my Jesus. Showing my scars.

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Praise You In This Storm (Lyrics) + Casting Crowns

Posted: (2 days ago) And I’ll praise You in this storm. And I will lift my hands. For You are who You are. No matter where I am. And every tear I’ve cried. You hold in Your hand. You never left my side. And though my heart is torn. I will praise You in this storm . I remember when. I stumbled in the wind. You heard my cry to you. And you raised me up again. My ...

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