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Here are the 11 biggest news stories of the week. By Scott Munro It’s been yet another gigantic week in the world of rock, metal and prog – here are the stories that hit the headlines

Posted: Sunday Mar 29, 2020

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The Story Behind The Song: Soul Asylum's Runaway Train ...

Posted: (2 days ago) In 1993, the alternative rock movement was in full swing, encompassing dozens of shiny new microgenres, from the mellow, hippy stonerbuzz of Blind Melon to the arena-rattling supergrunge of Soundgarden; from the wounded moan of Nirvana to the powergrrrl roar of Babes In Toyland.

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The 20 Best Hair Metal Anthems Of All Time Ever | Louder

Posted: (3 days ago) He doesn’t even sound like he knows the lyrics (and, to this day, he usually mumbles his way through the verses), and the whole affair sounds rushed, like a one-take wonder that just happened to change rock n’roll forever. None of it should work, but all of it works.

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The 9 Greatest Skids Songs – chosen by Richard Jobson

Posted: (5 days ago) Bill encouraged me to write lyrics the way I wanted to write, which is captured perfectly here in this abstract poem on the working man. I was thinking about my father when I wrote it, he was a coal-miner. Adamson’s guitar work is brilliant and Rusty Egan helped develop a new sound through his innovative drum playing.”

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Your Song - Elton John: The story behind the song | Louder

Posted: (2 days ago) Your Song by Elton John: The Story Behind The Song. There’s a scene in the new Elton John movie, Rocketman, where the songwriting partnership between the ivory-tinkling megastar and his lyricist Bernie Taupin is laid out in all its easy glory. Taupin sits at Elton’s mother’s breakfast table, blithely scribbling lyrics onto a sheet of paper.

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The Magpie Salute return with new album and lyric video ...

Posted: (6 days ago) If you like the band, the music, the lyrics or if you’re writing these songs, there is an intimate relationship formed with the work. “A song, a lyric can mean seven billion different things to people around the world because everyone around the song, writer or listener, will have their own individual life experiences and perspectives that ...

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The 10 Worst Beatles Songs Of All Time | Louder

Posted: (3 days ago) A drowsy, incense-wafting drone with lyrics apparently written by a third-rate life coach, it evokes the feeling of waiting for a takeaway in Hell. 4. Rocky Raccoon. I could happily take a chainsaw to the White Album, and this faux-redneck doodle would be amongst the first candidates for the chop. Neither funny or experimental, memorable or ...

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The 25 weirdest bands of all time | Louder

Posted: (2 days ago) Clad in black, with ropes around their necks and monastic shaved scalps, The Monks banged out primal, barbed garage rock rhythms, on a banjo strung with guitar strings, with stream-of-consciousness lyrics like “My brother died in Vietnam. James Bond, who is he? …We don’t like the atomic bomb”.

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The 10 best obscure glam rock songs | Louder

Posted: (2 days ago) I haven’t a clue what the title of the song means, or the lyrics. But I loved that stream-of-consciousness thing that Bolan was doing in his lyrics. He picked words not because they meant something, but because they sounded good. And that’s what I did with Pour Some Sugar On Me.

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Story Behind The Song: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon ...

Posted: (1 days ago) Spring 1969: Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were gone – assassinated. Racial tensions were erupting across the US. The war. What was a sensitive singer-songwriter like Paul Simon to do but dig deep for some words of solace? As he gazed out across the East River from the window of his New York apartment, he sang the opening lines he’d had for over a week.

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The 10 best songs about the wind | Louder

Posted: (2 days ago) The 10 best songs about the wind. By Chris Chantler 21 November 2015. The best of everything, every day on TeamRock.com ... Fenriz doesn’t get enough credit for the luridly atmospheric black metalness of such (eccentrically typeset) lyrics as “I Entered the Soul of the Snake and Slept with the Armageddish Whore/(but) without my Throne and ...

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